Happy Birthday

Well not a happy birthday to anyone in particular, just thinking of the birthday pages I “need” to do. I figure if I added it up-and yes Mel I am adding and counting things again- Since I have 3 girls, and since they have a birthday every year( no big surprise there!) and if I do a birthday page for them each year till they are 20, that is 60!! birthday pages I will do! That is a shocking # to me. And to think I wanted 6 kids!

So I know I don’t “have to” do a page for their birthday each year, but there is something in my “Mom’s Scrapbook Manual of Guilt”, that says I need to do a page to commemorate them changing ages. I’m trying to throw this manual out the window, and so every once in while I succeed. Here is what I did one year instead of the typical birthday page with cake/candles/gifts.  Don’t worry I took the pictures of these things but I didn’t scrapbook them-yet. Maybe never.

The page is called “What I wish at 10” (One of the wishes is that her sisiers would stop bugging her-ya right-maybe never)

Kinda a  neat idea for any age,although when we are adults we tend to call them “bucket lists” instead of wishes.

Happy Scrapping and if you have your calendar near by, the first Express Class of the season will be Sept 20th! Yahoo let the party begin!



A Brilliant Idea!

Hello everyone!

Is it win it Wednesday? Yes, indeed it is. That works perfectly for my “brilliant” blog. I know exactly what I am giving away. Before I tell you though…………

What is brilliant? Sunrises-right Liz? Travel pics. The scrappers at retreat. Last but not least-Debbie Hildebrandt!!! If you were at the retreat, Debbie was one of Laura’s helpers. She was a big help too. The girl packs up a store like nobodies business! I digress though!

Debbie was encouraging people to do a title page-all decorative and pretty. Then, for the rest of the pics of an event, just place them on a page. Better yet, use the We R page protectors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can add 4×6, 5×7 or a mixture. So are you getting what I am saying?

I am a mini album lover. If I have more that 10 pics of an event, I want to make a mini album of it. I know that I belong in a small group of people who feel that way. I get it. I must say though, mini albums have a lot of great properties. (Not exactly the word I am looking for but it’s all I can come up with now.) A mini album is compact. People are more likely to pick up a mini album and look through it than they are a 12×12 album. Mini’s are cute! They are decorative. Nothing like a basket of mini’s on your coffee table. They take a lot less paper. You can haul them around with you. Mini albums are often interactive. Little tags and bits that you can pull out and look at. Adorable!!!

Ok, enough! You don’t want to make a mini album. I get it. So, use Debbie’s idea! One of the most common complaints I hear is “I am so far behind.” That is one of the things that makes this whole thing so appealing! Deck out page 1, throw the rest of the pics in the appropriate page protector. If you don’t have the right amount of pics-you can use the spots for journalling or add a few small decorative spots. A wee bit of a mini album within a 12×12 page. Got YOU!

If I wasn’t dealing with the ongoing saga of the rogue tooth, I would make one as an example. I will try to do it and post it soon. I spent another delightful morning at the dentist yesterday. For $726 you, too, can look like Alvin the Chipmunk! I think it worked like Botox. That’s why it was so expensive. The wrinkles are gone in my face and I can’t make any expressions on one side. The problem with all this is it hurts to look down. Hence, scrapping not an option. It’s killing me-really!

So, you have waited patiently and now I will tell you what you can win today. How about a package of page protectors! Nice right? Free! All you have to do is post. If posting is scary for you-let me help. First off, don’t get stage fright. We are all friends here. Just post “hi” if you want. Secondly, to post a comment, go to post a comment. Type in words and hit post. If you hit it 2x it tells you that you already said that. Cool, hey? No one is going to judge you. Really!!!!! If you want to be a winner, don’t be a loser and post!

Once again, I apologize for no pics. I hate posts without pics. Maybe Lee posted a pic of something today. Go on over and check out her blog!



Up for the Challenge!

Good morning girls!!!  Happy Monday to you! Are Monday’s ever really happy?

After an action packed weekend, I was ready to get back to my scrap table this am. Before I get into that though, I have to say-Go Herbert Laurels! The boys played a fantastic game in the Hoopla finals. They were amazing! They won the silver medal. I was very proud of them. I was pretty proud of their coaches too. (My oldest and youngest sons.) I have to say, I have never seen parents that appreciate their children’s coaches like Herbert parents. Mark and Mason are constantly getting thank you’s and good job’s from the parents of their team. How nice! Pat your kid’s coach on the back today. Recognize the time and effort they put in for your kids. Even if you don’t agree with everything they do, in most cases, they are making a real effort.

Onto business…

So I was in the store last week and Laura hands me some paper that she wants me to make a kit out of. I have to admit, my first thought was no way in you know where. This is not a paper that would appeal to my delicate scrap sense.

Of course, I said “Sure.” That’s what you do when the boss asks you to do something right.  I wondered around town, doing my errands with this paper niggling away at the back of my mind. As I was walking past a store downtown, I saw a grad dress. Ah ha! I knew what I was going to do.

Now I can hear the naysayers, when they see the page I made, saying “but those aren’t my daughter’s(son’s) grad colours.” Think black and white. B&W is the answer to many a scrap page dilemma. Do not miss out on great opportunities just because your pictures don’t match. Ok, maybe this page isn’t a “great opportunity” but keep b&w in mind when you print. Laura can make any pic in your order b&w with the flick of a wrist. She’s amazing!

So, here is my grad page. It doesn’t really have to be a grad page. You could use it for anything.

Good heavens! Whenever I want to have my typing show up over here-it won’t. Now I want to type at the bottom of this pic and it will only start here. Argh!! This blog thing can be frustrating.

So the other thing that occurred to me about this paper is that it has a real tropical feel. Hence, the next page I did was more of a travel page. Remember though, it’s only a suggestion. Don’t get stuck on using page kits for their “intended” purpose. Think outside the box. For example, this page, has the title dream. If you had a winter getaway it could work as a travel page too. As far as I am concerned, if you had a warm winter vacation, you were living the dream.

This page is my favorite. I have to admit. I love the little circles and hearts down the side.

The tiny tags say “journey, discover and memories.” That can apply to any pic you take. Life is about those three things.

So what pics would you use on these pages? Go on! Be different!

Both of these layouts are available as kits. They won’t be in the store until mid-week likely. My sister is here visiting and there’s no time to waste cutting kits. Ha ha. So, you know the spiel. You can email Laura, post me or call into the store to save yours.

Remember, if you double click on a pic it will enlarge, in most cases. Liz tells me that some won’t. Why? Who in tarnation knows? Computer pms? Moody little bugger!

Have a wonderful Monday! Anything is possible right?



Bo Bunny Garden Layout

Morning Girls! Just thought I would do a quick post of the layout I made this morning with Country Garden. It’s simple but I love it. Who can resist such a sweet little girl and her mommy? Little Addy has such a happy smile. Photogenic little girl! She’s a beauty like her mom.

I used: Country Garden Charm x2

Graden Vine

Garden Stripe

A few noteworthy die cuts. Love those. I am going to grab another pack if there is any left at store. Colours are versatile and wouldn’t have to just be used with this paper line.

Some stickers from both sheets, a few flowers and a Tim pin. The metal flower is from the trinket pack.

I found the paper colours to not pop enough against each other so I backed them on black and the green on yellow.

Have a wonderful day!

Country Garden Layout

Today I was organized

Well today I was so organized I finished 24 pages! You might think ‘wow that Lee is amazing (and she must not have gotten anything else done today).’  But before you get carried away thinking I’m better than I am, here is the story.

See this pile of unfinished pages in my craft room?


Over time I’ve accumulated quite a pile of pages that are ‘almost done’. Some pages needed pictures, some journaling, some dates put on, and some just needed to be put in the right place.

For some reason today was the day I felt like tackling this job and after a number of hours I’d put 24 pages into albums. There is still a pile to work on but -Ya! for me today!

Now that I’ve finished so many pages, and filled up my albums I guess I’ll need to buy a new We R Memory Keeper binder to put new pages into. There are so many yummy colours to choose from at the store, that’s going to be the next problem

Off to do more pages,



Thankful for 52,650

     Well, here is my official first post and I just want to say how thankful I am for all the people I have met because of scrapbooking. As I left from teaching the Express Class on Thursday night I realized how much I enjoy geting to know people, and if we can have a few laughs and learn something while we are at it – all the better! I love teaching classes and helping you get your pictures and memories on a page. When someone says “wow, I learned something new today” I feel like I have done my job.

What I don’t like about teaching is the preparing. As I was cutting out 15 kits on Wednesday and Thursday, I was figuring out how many kits I’ve done in my life and how many cuts my 2 -12″cutters have made. “Zillions of cuts”  is a little vauge so here is the breakdown: 

  • 5 years of classes,
  • 9 classes a year,
  • approx 13 people per class,
  • 6 pages per Express Class,
  • approx 15 cuts per page

 = 52,650 cuts with the faithful trimmers. I’m surprised I don’t have scrapbookers elbow!  No wonder preparing for class can get a bit tedious.

This is what my basement floor looks like when I am getting ready for a class.  For 2 or 3 days my basement looks like a disaster with paper everywhere! My husband is always happy when I leave for class.


Anyhow thanks to all of you that come to classes-you are worth every 52,650 cuts! 



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