Basic Grey!

Good Morning!

Have you noticed how many books out there have “grey” in their title? I think authors are hoping to spring board their success off of the “Shades of Grey” books. I figure if they can do it, so can I.

I promise not to be deviant in this post. I will stick with what is good and true! This Christmas line from Basic Grey is all of those things and more. Lee used it in her Express Class this month. She did some amazing layouts with it. There are still some kits left at the store I see. What easier way to catch up on Christmas pages than to snap up a few of those?! Thinking and cutting all done. If you can run an adhesive-you have it made.

This is the layout I did using some of the line…



I am sorry about the pic. A little fuzzy off to the side there. For some reason, my camera always wants to do that. I suspect a dirty lens. Anyway…

All I did was cut some little flag bits out of the paper. Attached them along the bottom. Added some tinsel. A few flowers. On my “little angel” title, I painted it and then used black and mahogany stickles. Just kind of smudged them around. Love it! The background is one of the papers. It comes all layered up for you. Awesome!

Have a great day!


Here’s My 75 Cents Worth

Good morning!

Ok-I am loving the .75 from Kaiser! Gorgeous! Here’s the page I made with it this morning!!



I used some corrugated cardboard. I learned something very interesting when I was working on this page. If you take a brayer (this is a roller thing with a handle-not a donkey) and roll it over the cardboard-it flattens it without distorting it too much.

I tore the corners of my white cs to reveal the pp at the corners. I also used tons of the Kaiser bits that came with this paper.


Have a great day!


I looove Prima Engraver!

Good morning!

I am loving the new Prima Engraver. It’s a super versatile paper. Do you remember when Bo-Bunny did the etc line? We could have sold that paper a couple of times over. With tough economic times, in the scrap world, most companies are only doing one printing of their lines. So, don’t miss out! Snatch it up! Quickly!

This am I did this page…


I distressed all the pieces with my Tim Holtz distresser. Love that thing! Then I used Tim’s Walnut ink on each of the pieces. Do you see the little My Girl card? That’s from the packaging off the flowers!!! I cut it in half. The top half is my boy. Now, where ever there was a flower stuck to the card, there is a sticky spot. That is where undo comes in. Undo is a must have in your tool box. It takes off anything sticky. You can even lift pics and paper that have been glued down. It leaves no visible residue on the paper once it dries. How awesome!

Everything on the page is from the Engraver with the exception of the lace.

I have also done a frame using Engraver. I am going to be teaching it at the store in April. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift. I like the fact that the frame will go with the decor in any home. Check it out! I will have a sneak preview on here in the days to come.

So, get to the store and snatch up some of the Engraver. Check out some of the other new things Laura has got as well.

Have a great day!



It’s For Sure a Snow Day!

Morning peeps!

You only have to take a quick glance outside to know that it’s gonna take your hubby awhile to dig out the car. While your waiting, grab a couple pieces of paper and a few embellies and whip up a quick page using this sketch.


Post your “version” or email to Laura and be entered to win a $10.00 gift certificate. How easy is that?

The winners of the last sketch challenge are Liz Millard and Rae Tutor! Stop by the store and enjoy your winnings girls!

Have a great day!



Did you wonder…

Hello peeps!

Are you wondering where Lee and I have gone to? What has happened to all that fantastic blogging? I don’t know about Lee, but I have been living on the edge of crazy. Not surprised are you?

We are in a conundrum about blogging. Would it be better just to go to FB? Both? Who’s to know? Not us, but we’d like your input. We know very little.

I found this quote.

With a scrapbook, more easily than without, we can find ourselves someplace else in our lives… the message is that life has been good, and that it will continue to be.  -Lynne Bertrand

It’s a gooder hey?! Makes what you do worthwhile!

Have a good one!


I’m Baaaack!!!!

Hola amigos!

The prodigal blogger has returned from Mexico! I now have the most wonderful tan and a firm grasp on the Mexican language. Ha ha! That’s a joke for my kids. Claire and Mike are amazing at how they pick up and remember the Spanish. I on the other hand, can butcher all but hola and señor. Hardly what you would call a firm grasp hey?

I actually went downstairs and scrapped this am. Only for a bit though. I didn’t complete the page so no show!

Cha is over for another year. Soon the store will be flooded with new product. There is some fun stuff coming girls. I know. You have too much stuff already. This is exactly what Liz and I have been discussing. So, here’s our plan. First, we are purging. Serious purging! Surely, you know a kid or even an adult that could use your excess. Find a school teacher or a daycare. Donate it! It’ll make you feel better about it. Let’s face it, if you had it last year, you probably aren’t using it. Liz and I are bringing our stuff to the next PP&C! Just because we can’t use it doesn’t mean someone can’t. Wait with baited breath for step 2 on Wednesday!

Here is a pic of my family….



My sister and brother in law joined us in Mexico! What a delight! They made for a perfect addition!

Bueno Diaz!!

I have no idea if that’s have a good day or good night! Whichever!


Last post before I hit the Beach!

Morning girls!

CHA is winding down from another January show! In case you don’t know, CHA is when scrapbooking companies release their product for the coming 6 months. Laura and I have went before a couple times. It’s quite a thrill! No passport for Laura and an impending trip to Mexico meant we weren’t able to get there this year. Sad, but true!

There is some great new stuff coming down the pike this year. We received an order yesterday with some new paper. Marigold from Kaiser and some Echo Park. Go on in and check it out!

I have not been busy scrapping but let me tell you, Rae Tutor has. She has sent me 2 awesome layouts that she has completed using the January sketch challenge.



Way to go Rae! I love your lights in the top left corner of the Christmas layout. Awesome pages! Both of them!

So, lets see your version of the sketch girls? It could be worth some money!

Have a great day! This will be my last post until I return from Mexico! And speaking of travelling, stop by the store and check out my mini for February. It’s a quick and easy way to scrap your trip photos.



Winter’s Wow!

Good wintery morning people! Except for the Peacock’s who are enjoying Arizona right now? I am assuming there is no snow there. Well, a week from now, and I will be on my way to sunny Mexico! HA!!!

The winner of the sketch challenge is Roxanne Green. Her name wasn’t drawn from a bowl as I usually do. I just decided she could be the winner because she has never won before. That’s the type of thing you get to do when you run your own blog.

Thanks Liz and Rae for your entries. I appreciate your dedication to the sketch challenge. You are 2 girls that I can depend on! I like it!


This is the sketch challenge for January! I really love this sketch. It’s got a lot of my favs on it. Brackets, banners, good stuff!

The final date for entry is the January 31st. Not much time so get ‘er done!

Remember, use Laura’s paper. Send pic not larger than 2MB. Have fun with it. It doesn’t have  to look like the sketch exactly. Make it yours. I look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Plus, if your name gets drawn, you win a $10 gift cert from the store. How can you go wrong with that?! You can’t. You have to scrap anyway so you might as well support your habit.

this also gives you an opportunity to use up some of your old paper before the new stuff comes rolling into the store. It’s happening. As we speak. There is some wonderful new Kaiser paper making its way to your LSS!!!

Have a great snow day!



Another sketch challenge entry!

Morning girls! It looks like another nice day temp wise in good ol’ SK. Not as nice as in sunny Puerto Vallarta though. Today’s temp there is 32. Nice! I intend to be enjoying some of that there sunshine in 10 more days!!!!!!

No wonder I am having trouble focusing! I am going on a hot holiday! Yahoo! There is no better holiday than a hot one! I haven’t been to Mexico in 2 years.Poor me! I am really, really looking forward to sitting back and enjoying some R&R-while I chase a 2 y old and a 4 yr old. Actually, at Christmas, my sister devised a wonderful plan.

We are going to dig a big hole. Stick the girls in it. Leave only their heads out. Plop a hat on their heads. Put a cup with a straw to their mouths. Problem solved.

I have another entry for the sketch challenge! It’s Roxanne Green’s version of our sketch. Thanks!

Gravelbourg No. 104-20130108-00089


I love your angles Roxanne!

That makes 3 entries into the challenge. Way to go girls! we are only 3 off the 6 that I was hoping for. Shaunavon girls-where are you? Theresa Friesen? Hello? Ha ha.

Tomorrow is draw date. I’ll pick the winner on Friday though! And there will be a new sketch challenge! It’s a good one!




Time is Ticking!

Morning girls!

Time is ticking if you want to enter the sketch challenge. I was so kind as to extend the deadline to the 10th of January. C’mon, throw something together.

Liz did this wonderful page for her sketch challenge.December Sketch Challenge


11 more days and I am heading to Mexico! Yahoo! It’s going to be an awesome trip. My kids, their wives, 2 of the grandchildren and my favourite sister and her husband. I didn’t say anything about my husband because with him, you don’t know if he’s coming or not till he gets on the plane.

Are you planning a winter vacation? Have you taken a trip that you still haven’t scrapped? I did a Travel mini for my February class. It is an awesome little album.  If you don’t normally like minis because you find them too involved-this might be the mini for you. Its quick and easy and not too much stuff. Stop by the store and check it out!

I did this fall page based on the sketch challenge as well. That’s 2 entries for me. HA HA.


3 more days to get your sketch challenge into me!

Have a good one!