Finally A Grad Page

I told you earlier that we had girl #2 graduating this spring. Now that I have had a few weeks to recover and slow down, it was a good time with some great memories. I love the pictures that were taken of her, and they showed off her personality so well. The dress too, was just so her, and so different than her sister’s last year. Can’t wait to see what girl #3 will pick for her grad next year!

Here is what I came up with to start off the many grad pages to scrapbook. This is an older line of paper from Fancy Pants, but it included some chalkboard paper, which is making a big debut this year. Watch the store for more chalkboard paper, chalkboard tags etc.


Happy scrapping!



My Muse

A Muse is decribed as “a poet’s inspiring goddess, a source of inspiration for creativity“. My Muse has been MIA for the last couple of months and so that, among other things listed, is my reason for my long absence from this blog and scrapbooking. Sorry ’bout that. I’ll try to do better.

Some people get their inspiration from magazines, certain colours, or pictures they have taken. My Muse, being the inspirational goddess that she is, is able to kick start me into scrapbooking in a meer matter of minutes. I miss her but I did find another muse the other day. It’s called being in your house for 3 days with no one else. Oh the joy, the freedom! I was able to churn out a number of pages pretty fast (for me that is.) Here is one of the pages I was able to finish. I cut up 1 sheet of Simple Stories hexagon paper that I bought from the store this spring.


Do you have a Muse? Find it, whatever it is or whoever  it is and get thinking about scrapbooking.  I’m going to go call mine and set up a scrapping date!


3 Funerals and a Wedding

It’s been forever since I was on this blog. I almost didn’t remember what my password was. And since I posted last there has been 3 funerals, a wedding,  another of my girls graduating, planning for the next school year, doing a week of volunteer “work”, time at the lake and life happening faster than I can take pictures of. Last week I finally had the house to myself, everyone was off doing their own thing, and so  decided it was now or never to get some scrapbooking done.

It was a little tough trying to figure out where I had left off. Good thing I found some older pictures in a file to scrapbook, that had the paper and an idea with them. I sometimes do that-put my pictures, paper and idea together, and when it comes time to actually scrapbook-tada! everything is ready to go.  I feel so brilliant when I come across one of these packages!Here is your inspiration for today. Hope it gets you thinking about what you want to scrapbook at the fall retreat. Only 6 weeks away!! (and if you haven’t signed up, do it today-you don’t want to miss it.)

DSC02858 DSC02859

Keep taking pictures, even if life is happening too fast!



2 Baseball’s and a Wedding

In case you are feeling just a bit hopeful for spring and the baseball season, there are 2 new kits in the store for you! Each one has spot for a team picture and some individual ones.

There is also a wedding kit, done by the famous Mel. It has a Gluber flower done by the equally famous Noelle. Those girls are amazing! Noelle also did the baseball player on the kit. That girl knows her way around a Cricut machine. If you ever need help, she is the one to ask. Mel and I-not so much.

Copy of DSC02520 Copy of DSC02521 

Happy Spring!



It’s A Kit Making Frenzy!

Hello Ladies! Well I have been using all this non-spring like weather to get a few kits done. What else is a girl to do, when there are snowbanks on her flower beds, than to scrapbook! Oh I know I could “spring” clean the house, but this is way more fun!

The paper I’m using is from a road trip to a scrapbook warehouse this month, where I got to pick out whatever paper I wanted!! This is how the shopping went, I’d say “Can I get this paper Laura? I love it!” Laura would roll her eyes and say “Whatever. As long as you are going to use it.” (It was priceless and so typical Laura 🙂  )So in keeping with my promise to use paper I picked out, here are some of the kits I made.

Copy of DSC02487  Copy of DSC02488  Copy of DSC02489  Copy of DSC02490Copy of DSC02491

Keep your eyes peeled for more kits. There is more snow to melt and more paper to use!


P.S. As always if you want the kits, please phone the store and reserve your copy. There are limited amounts of each kits for sale. If you are from out of town, Laura has started mailing kits out to people. Just phone her and she’ll put it in a box and mail it out, charging you whatever it costs to mail. Imagine getting a fun package of kits in the mail! Woudn’t that be a great present for yourself?!


Well it’s another stormy day out there. Travel not recommended in Southern Saskatchewan-again. But do not despair ladies. As long as you have paper and scissors, you shall never be sad to be stuck at home.

What are you working on? Any projects worth mentioning? Let us know. It’s very inspiring to other people when they can see what you are accomplishing. Do you want to know what I am working on??  Yesterday I worked on the Express Class. It’s going to be the perfect way to kick off the long weekend. An Express Class on Thursday the 28th of March. Here is the paper I’m using. untitled express

It’s the “Strong” collection from Authentique. Very manly, but I may throw in 1 feminine page. After all I do have 3 girls to make books for.

Hope you can enjoy the stormy day, Don’t drive if you don’t have to, stay at home with your scissors and Tombow instead. I think I’ll go get a few more pages done.


Don’t Want To Miss It

At the store today will be cupcakes and cards, or cards and cupcakes. Depends which type of buffet you prefer. I have tried the cupcakes and they alone are worth the drive.  But if you are one of those people who can’t appreciate a delicious cupcake, come for the cards. They are also worth the drive, and they are sugar-free/gluten free/lactose free/calories free confections. But on the flip side the cards are beautiful, and creative and you can make as many as you’d like, without gaining an ounce.

Here are some sneak peaks at the cards. Just to whet your appetite.

DSC02317 DSC02318DSC02320

Remember we have Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, sympathy, baby etc, etc!! and we will be at the store today and Saturday. In between (Friday) we will throw in  Pizza, Pop & Crop for those of you wanting to get your pages caught up.

See you later!




Basic Grey!

Good Morning!

Have you noticed how many books out there have “grey” in their title? I think authors are hoping to spring board their success off of the “Shades of Grey” books. I figure if they can do it, so can I.

I promise not to be deviant in this post. I will stick with what is good and true! This Christmas line from Basic Grey is all of those things and more. Lee used it in her Express Class this month. She did some amazing layouts with it. There are still some kits left at the store I see. What easier way to catch up on Christmas pages than to snap up a few of those?! Thinking and cutting all done. If you can run an adhesive-you have it made.

This is the layout I did using some of the line…



I am sorry about the pic. A little fuzzy off to the side there. For some reason, my camera always wants to do that. I suspect a dirty lens. Anyway…

All I did was cut some little flag bits out of the paper. Attached them along the bottom. Added some tinsel. A few flowers. On my “little angel” title, I painted it and then used black and mahogany stickles. Just kind of smudged them around. Love it! The background is one of the papers. It comes all layered up for you. Awesome!

Have a great day!


Here’s My 75 Cents Worth

Good morning!

Ok-I am loving the .75 from Kaiser! Gorgeous! Here’s the page I made with it this morning!!



I used some corrugated cardboard. I learned something very interesting when I was working on this page. If you take a brayer (this is a roller thing with a handle-not a donkey) and roll it over the cardboard-it flattens it without distorting it too much.

I tore the corners of my white cs to reveal the pp at the corners. I also used tons of the Kaiser bits that came with this paper.


Have a great day!



Well doesn’t it look like the whole world has been dipped in Mica Flakes?! If you don’t know about Mica Flakes they are in the store and they are on a great layout that Noelle has done. They look like the sparkly snow outside today. On days like this how can you not LOVE winter?? Especially when you compare it to the hot, sweaty, grass mowing, weed picking,  mosquito days of summer. No these days win hands down for me.

 I did this layout to celebrate winter. It’s using the Peaceful line of paper by Authentique. I love that any pictures of winter look good on this paper. It’s so neutral. If you kid has a bright purple snowsuit it would look great. If you want to take pictures of pine cones and snowflakes, it looks great. If you want to take of picture of the new baby calf, it looks great.

As usual if you want a kit let Laura know at the store. She’ll hold it for you, or if you are having trouble getting to town she will even mail it to you, so you don’t have to go into scrapping withdrawl.


Have a great sunny day!