3 Funerals and a Wedding

It’s been forever since I was on this blog. I almost didn’t remember what my password was. And since I posted last there has been 3 funerals, a wedding,  another of my girls graduating, planning for the next school year, doing a week of volunteer “work”, time at the lake and life happening faster than I can take pictures of. Last week I finally had the house to myself, everyone was off doing their own thing, and so  decided it was now or never to get some scrapbooking done.

It was a little tough trying to figure out where I had left off. Good thing I found some older pictures in a file to scrapbook, that had the paper and an idea with them. I sometimes do that-put my pictures, paper and idea together, and when it comes time to actually scrapbook-tada! everything is ready to go.  I feel so brilliant when I come across one of these packages!Here is your inspiration for today. Hope it gets you thinking about what you want to scrapbook at the fall retreat. Only 6 weeks away!! (and if you haven’t signed up, do it today-you don’t want to miss it.)

DSC02858 DSC02859

Keep taking pictures, even if life is happening too fast!



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