It’s A Kit Making Frenzy!

Hello Ladies! Well I have been using all this non-spring like weather to get a few kits done. What else is a girl to do, when there are snowbanks on her flower beds, than to scrapbook! Oh I know I could “spring” clean the house, but this is way more fun!

The paper I’m using is from a road trip to a scrapbook warehouse this month, where I got to pick out whatever paper I wanted!! This is how the shopping went, I’d say “Can I get this paper Laura? I love it!” Laura would roll her eyes and say “Whatever. As long as you are going to use it.” (It was priceless and so typical Laura 🙂  )So in keeping with my promise to use paper I picked out, here are some of the kits I made.

Copy of DSC02487  Copy of DSC02488  Copy of DSC02489  Copy of DSC02490Copy of DSC02491

Keep your eyes peeled for more kits. There is more snow to melt and more paper to use!


P.S. As always if you want the kits, please phone the store and reserve your copy. There are limited amounts of each kits for sale. If you are from out of town, Laura has started mailing kits out to people. Just phone her and she’ll put it in a box and mail it out, charging you whatever it costs to mail. Imagine getting a fun package of kits in the mail! Woudn’t that be a great present for yourself?!

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