Well it’s another stormy day out there. Travel not recommended in Southern Saskatchewan-again. But do not despair ladies. As long as you have paper and scissors, you shall never be sad to be stuck at home.

What are you working on? Any projects worth mentioning? Let us know. It’s very inspiring to other people when they can see what you are accomplishing. Do you want to know what I am working on??  Yesterday I worked on the Express Class. It’s going to be the perfect way to kick off the long weekend. An Express Class on Thursday the 28th of March. Here is the paper I’m using. untitled express

It’s the “Strong” collection from Authentique. Very manly, but I may throw in 1 feminine page. After all I do have 3 girls to make books for.

Hope you can enjoy the stormy day, Don’t drive if you don’t have to, stay at home with your scissors and Tombow instead. I think I’ll go get a few more pages done.


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