Well doesn’t it look like the whole world has been dipped in Mica Flakes?! If you don’t know about Mica Flakes they are in the store and they are on a great layout that Noelle has done. They look like the sparkly snow outside today. On days like this how can you not LOVE winter?? Especially when you compare it to the hot, sweaty, grass mowing, weed picking,  mosquito days of summer. No these days win hands down for me.

 I did this layout to celebrate winter. It’s using the Peaceful line of paper by Authentique. I love that any pictures of winter look good on this paper. It’s so neutral. If you kid has a bright purple snowsuit it would look great. If you want to take pictures of pine cones and snowflakes, it looks great. If you want to take of picture of the new baby calf, it looks great.

As usual if you want a kit let Laura know at the store. She’ll hold it for you, or if you are having trouble getting to town she will even mail it to you, so you don’t have to go into scrapping withdrawl.


Have a great sunny day!


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