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IT’S FINALLY HERE!!  I’m happy to let you know that your Photoworks by Laura app has just been launched in the iTunes App Store!  You are now able to download the app, upload images, and order prints directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  Follow this link to view the iTunes preview page: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photoworks-by-laura/id580857354

However sometimes depending on your OS on your iphone you will find that it works better simply to go to photoworks.fotodepot.ca through your phones browser, this is also how Android users can order photos from your phone.

What We Do:



Come to Photoworks for the highest quality digital prints. All 4 x 6 digital prints are only 32 cents each.

Bring your film, your digital camera, your disk or your media card — Photoworks can make prints or burn your photo files to a CD for permanent storage. Your photos can be enlarged up to 11 x 14 or a custom size of your choice. For even larger prints, we have a large format printer for posters and banners. We also provide touch-up and restoration services or you can do your own touch-ups using our Self Serve Photo Kiosks.

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  1. I got my wedding invitations printed here. Incredible experience and they came out gorgeous. The colors are so bright and clear. I would highly recommend Laura for all your printing needs. <3

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